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Raising the Bar for Creators

Whether you’re an aspiring musician, composer, or producer, the Music program at Windsor School helps students develop skills in traditional music and modern music production. The diverse program includes a variety of disciplines, including performance, composition, aural awareness, recording techniques, music analysis and more. Students will also exercise their creativity at The Sanctuary at Albany, the state-of-the-art recording studio where some of the world’s top musicians and creators have recorded.

Program Highlights


An Incubator for Creative Talent

The Music program at Windsor provides students with a diverse program to create well-rounded artists. Students will learn from sound engineers and professionals on how to record and produce their own music at a professional standard. Throughout the program, students will build a portfolio of practical work that can be used for auditions and college applications, especially during their senior year.


The Sanctuary

Students of the Music program enjoy access to The Sanctuary at Albany, the state-of-the-art recording studio that has welcomed some of the world’s top musicians and creators. The Sanctuary was designed to be a location where creativity can flow, featuring a playful yet elegant roofline reminiscent of the fluidity of sound. The facility provides an unparalleled learning environment for students interested in all aspects of music from management, songwriting and recording to production and engineering.

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