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Taking a Deep Dive into Marine Science

The Marine Biology Academy is an educational experience unlike any other. Students of the program immerse themselves into cutting-edge research, lab work and field excursions to enhance their marine biology knowledge. Created in partnership with the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS), the Marine Biology Academy gives students the opportunity to learn alongside renowned marine scientists and conservation professionals working to protect endangered marine species and habitats. Students of the program will also become specialists in not only marine biology, but conservation, environmental management, science communication, and underwater photography.

Program Highlights

Coral Nursery - Data Collection.jpeg

Hands-On Learning Experience

The marine biology and dive training program provides an in-depth exploration of a variety of topics. Students have the unique opportunity to participate in dive excursions and marine conservation projects, including the Reef Rescue Network coral nursery program. Throughout the program, students will create a digital portfolio showcasing their achievements and experience to support college applications and career aspirations. Students will also learn from Rachel Miller, Director of Marine Biology, who is a marine biologist, research diver and marine biology educator. Rachel has worked on marine conservation and aquaculture projects all over the world.

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