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Creating Pathways for Success

Our mission at Windsor is to prepare students for college and life by building their academic, athletic, and artistic skills with a focused dedication toward pursuing excellence in an area of passion. Windsor is a value-oriented, private education institution that believes in both a strong, foundational education with an emphasis on enriching Albany Academies that are both practical and challenging – developing students to be strong leaders and committed citizens to improve the communities in which they live. Windsor School recognizes the ever-evolving demands required to succeed in the contemporary world. Our goal is to provide our learners with a well-rounded, high quality, global education characterized by high expectations and excellence in character.


School Objectives

Windsor School is dedicated to providing all students with a safe, engaging, and emotionally supportive educational environment. By fostering initiative, creativity, and problem-solving through stimulating and challenging coursework, Windsor is preparing students for college and life beyond the classroom. In addition, Windsor understands every educational journey is different, and in turn, supports its students based on their individual needs. Our value-oriented, private education institution ensures that our entire student body has access to all resources needed to experience success.


To that end, Windsor employs the highest caliber instructors whose passion is to teach and uncover the crowning potential of every learner. Our leadership and staff use appropriate evaluation strategies, such as formative and summative assessments to promote academic progress.

Learning Principles

At Windsor School, we believe that students are most likely to succeed in a secure, orderly, and non-disruptive environment. All students have the right to a quality education delivered in a safe, enriching, creative, and productive environment. Windsor believes that students develop a positive sense of self-worth and realize their greatest potential when they are aware of and are dedicated to the social and academic expectations being placed upon them. Moreover, students are more successful when their mistakes are approached as learning opportunities and their efforts are positively recognized, and Windsor believes that through cooperative partnering, we can ensure positive learner conduct.


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