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Creating Early Excellence and Specialization

Windsor School has six Albany Academies that allow students to develop and fine-tune their skills in a particular area. The Albany Academies help students find their desired passion or subject area and guide their interest, effort and time towards that subject. By pursuing a specific area in depth, students develop expertise and confidence over time leading to future growth opportunities. The Albany Academies are: Golf, Marine Biology, Music, STEM and Tennis.
The renowned Albany community partnered with Windsor School to create these Albany Academies, where students learn, train, and perform at its world-class facilities. Students and student-athletes are exposed to state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading professionals to pursue their own fullest potential. Windsor believes that the path toward real-world expertise begins at an early age, and these dedicated learning experiences give students a unique opportunity to achieve greatness in a particular area. Explore the seven Albany Academies below.



The Albany Golf Academy combines world-class facilities with top professionals to help students-athletes grow into the leaders of the future. The golf program prepares student-athletes to compete at the top of their game with physical training, world-class coaching, on-course play multiple times per week, the latest technology, and top-tier facilities.

Marine Biology

Students of the Albany Marine Biology Academy immerse themselves in an educational experience unlike any other, including cutting-edge research, lab work and field excursions. Students also have the extraordinary opportunity to experience and learn from the Bahamian marine environment through science expeditions and underwater observation.  



The Music program helps aspiring artists, musicians, composers, and producers develop skills in traditional music and modern music production. Students of the program will learn from renowned creators and enjoy access to The Sanctuary at Albany, the state-of-the-art recording studio where some of the world’s top musicians and creators have recorded.


The Albany STEM Academy was designed to create a space dedicated to perpetual learning and creative expression through modern engineering, relevant technology, and best scientific practices. Students in the Academy will enjoy an immersive learning experience and be exposed to a suite of tools and resources like laser cutters, drones, 3D printing and so much more that will allow them to bring ideas to reality.



The Albany Tennis Academy offers daily personalized conditioning, coaching, and guidance to help student-athletes improve all aspects of their game. Students train at a state-of-the-art racquet center, learn from renowned professionals, and compete in numerous well-regarded tournaments, preparing them for collegiate tennis.

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