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Training Champions On and Off the Court

At the Albany Tennis Academy, student-athletes are exposed to a level of competition unlike anywhere else. Through daily personalized conditioning, coaching, and guidance, the Albany Tennis Academy helps student-athletes improve all aspects of their game. Student-athletes of the program spend multiple hours training on the court with match play, skill development and match-simulation drills. Albany Tennis Academy student-athletes also travel globally to compete in numerous well-regarded tournaments, preparing them for collegiate tennis.

Program Highlights


Teaching Philosophy

Albany Tennis Academy focuses on creating well-rounded tennis athletes who can compete at the highest collegiate level. The program utilizes top-tier facilities and renowned instructors to help student-athletes develop physical and mental strength, discipline, leadership skills and courage. By providing a structured environment, we help student-athletes advance their game and prepare for college and NCAA recruitment.


State-of-the-Art Racquet Center

Albany Tennis Academy student-athletes train and compete on dedicated Windsor School tennis courts, in addition to six lighted Har-Tru tennis courts and hard courts at Albany. Understanding that precision is a crucial part of the game, Albany Tennis Academy utilizes the latest PlaySight smart court technology to help student-athletes transform their game. The technology tracks all activity on the court and provides professional-level analysis tools to help inform player development.

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